Jagori Rural Charitable Trust

Education to promote a more equal society


Some of our Problems


sex selective abortions

Abortions selective against girls because girls have "less worth" in Indian societies.

Lack of health education

Little money and social stigmas cause people not to have proper access to health care, or not have enough knowledge about important problems.

Abuse and crimes against women

Crimes against women occur all across the globe but in India they are more prevalent due to extreme gender inequality between girls and boys.


What We've Done

Since the start of the program to now, we've made large progress. Every single step we take is a step towards larger change.


How We Work


Field Visits

We go into the field to educate the villagers about social issues. We give simple, less radical ideas in new communities and increase them until the ideas are widely accepted. Field visits allow us to touch communities and have an impact on those who do not have time or have not fully accepted the ideas of equality. They provide us a way to communicate with the villagers who are not in the workshops or campaigning at that time.


Training and Workshops

We offer training of women, men and children to teach them about important social matters. These workshops last three days with housing and food. Children and adults from the villages live in Jagori. Our staff give lessons and professionals on the subject normally come in to assist with a deeper, more educated perspective.



We campaign to spread a greater message. Campaigns allow participants and supporters who cannot participate to feel empowered in their issues and their ideas. They show people that have felt ignored and unimportant that they are not alone and garner publicity, allowing our message to spread.  Campaigns can vary in the amount of days and consist of protesting and speech giving.


Our Vision

We strive every day to make a difference. Through our programs, we educate woman, men and children. We strive for an equal, safe society for all people in Himachal Pradesh.


Our Programs


SATH - Social Architects of Tomorrow in Himachal

SATH works towards kindling the fire inside every young heart to build a new society. The major focus of the SATH program is to form strong and vibrant youth collectives, build their leadership, and increase their involvement in democratic processes.

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SAFAL - Sustainable Agriculture, Forest and Land

The SAFAL programs aims to revitalize organic agricultural production and traditional knowledge that promotes environmental health, long-term economic sustainability, and gender equality in the Kangra Valley, Himachal Pradesh. 

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AGAJ - Aware Girl's Action For Justice

The AGAJ program aims to build adolescent girls into confident citizens and supports them as they become fully confident young women with awareness of their rights and entitlement.

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AWAJ - Aware Woman's Action For Justice

AWAJ works on a broad range of issues in order to bring awareness and change to violence against women, issues of sex selective abortion and neglect of girl children, the foregrounding of women’s rights to bodily safety and sexuality, and women’s participation in governance.

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Every Rupee, Every Person, Every Mind Counts.


You can help by volunteering, donating and sharing this cause to your friends and family.