Aware Girls Action for Justice


The AGAJ program aims to build adolescent girls into confident citizens and help them gain awareness of their rights. Under this program, young girls are trained on life skills such as self-defense training, self-awareness, management skills and decision making abilities. Issues like experiences of gender discrimination, human rights and leadership skills are discussed regularly. Various events and workshops are organized to provide them a platform where they can explore their potentials and seek new horizons and change the stereotype.

Yearly events include Ma-Beti Mela (mother daughter fairs an event to strengthen their interpersonal relationship) and Kishori-kishore Utsav (adolescent girls and boys fair to lessen gender divide and gender discriminatory practices). In recent years we started intensive intervention by forming Kishori Samoohs, adolescent girls collectives, in 30 villages. The primary focus is on their overall physical, mental, emotional development as well as increasing their participation in democratic decision making processes. Regular sessions are held on health, hygiene, and nutritional needs of young girls. They are also made aware of their needs and responsibility for their sexual and reproductive health.

These programs demonstrate to the government that a holistic approach to girls empowerment and wellbeing can yield better results.