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Our impact

Steady Change


These past years we've made massive progress. We've held campaigns, workshops, and field visits in order to make a difference in the way people think in Himachal Pradesh.



“I have always had the dream to educate my daughters and make them capable enough to stand on their own feet.

- Rajni, 37 years old



Change causes change.


Through our programs, we have impacted 20,000 people directly but the scope of our impact is far larger than that. We encourage members of our program to teach their learnings and a majority of them spread their newfound knowledge through communication with their friends and family, engaging in clubs and starting their own change in their own villages. This causes the scope of our work to extend throughout Himachal Pradesh, a state in India. This doesn't even count our campaigns. In just one of our campaigns, 204,684 people were engaged and our marches and campaigns were covered by many news outlets. Our campaigns also occurred in multiple states.

We've also solved 600 domestic violence cases and created groups to help 1000 people deal with the after affects of violence. By doing this, we can make sure that the people who have dealed with these problems have the chance to recover and return to normal society.

We hope to keep on increasing our impact and to keep on causing more change. In an charity in which education is needed to make long term change, progress is slow and exponential. In order to change the entire community, only about five percent of the community needs to be educated. They in turn will educate their friends and cause change without any help from us. In order to get to that five percent, we will keep on educating people until our ideas begin to be taught in schools and become basic truths. 

We've held in school classes and had our interns and workers teach lessons which are not taught in schools. We have an average of 60 classes taught a year. Combining that with our workshops, field visits, and meetings, we reach a massive audience of children and adults alike.

 For 13 years, we've been doing our best and we have made a huge impact by doing that much. Although it may take another decade to fully educate five percent of the people here, we will not rest until it is done. We've already made large progress and many of our members have started clubs and helped educate their families.



in school classes taught per year


people engaged in the PROGRAM


204, 684

people engaged during our campaigns


Cases of domestic violence solved



"I'm happy that I'm a girl... it's no small thing... I can do more work than men. I can be stronger than men."

-Pooja, age 15, a girl engaged in the program



141 Workshops in the Last Two Years*


In the last two years alone, we've had 141 workshops in which students have stayed at our program and learned gender equality, leadership and many other skills.

*Does not include in school classes, meetings or field meetings



“In the past 1 year, after being connected to Jagori I feel brave and bold I don't depend on others”

Reena, 24 years old



We strive for equality.


We have striven to make women and men equal and we have accomplished that through our events. Through every one of our events and workshops we normalize the idea that women and men are equal and deserve equality. Our workshops also teach self defense for young women, leadership and many other valuable teachings that are not taught in school. To see all of our events, click on Past Events on the right. Our campaigns help spread awareness about our causes and spur people to learn about our lessons and participate in them. 

To educate and encourage people to understand and accept the LGBTQ+ community here in India, we've started campaigns to explain to people that the social stigmas surrounding people are not true and that they are still people, even if they are different.

Some of our specific campaigns and our specific workshops are located in the Past Events section and some stories of what we have done are located in Success Stories. In order to make a different, we have walked one step at a time and contine to walk one step at a time towards a better future.


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