Health Camp in Ghalian Village, Kangra Block

A health camp was organized by Jagori Grameen for the girl students and women of Ghalian Village, Kangra on Saturday, 15th August, 2015. The girls and women had gathered at the Government Senior Secondary School. Local Jagori team members Aarti, Babli and Neelam mobilized the women for the health camp. There was a healthy turnout of about 50 odd women and about 50 girls from the senior secondary section of the public school. Chandrakanta from Jagori highlighted the work done by the organization and addressed issues of physical, emotional and social violence. She urged the women to take charge of themselves and their health and strength. She also emphasized the need for overall and consistent well-being of women through an emphasis on nutrition and hygiene.

Dr. Pritam engaged the women with their sexual and reproductive anatomy and its functions such as menstruation and childbirth. Due emphasis was laid on tackling anemia which is a major challenge in community health in rural areas. Instructions were provided to the women and girls for maintaining personal hygiene, breathing right, practising daily exercise and the timely intake of nutritious food to prevent the depletion of energy levels and maintain health. She urged the women and young girls to take ownership of their bodies and health. The session was followed by a health check-up of individual women and girls. Prescriptions were written out and medicines were dispensed with an especial focus on reproductive health issues. The health camp ended at around 5:00 p.m. in the evening.

AWAJJagori Team