Health Camp in Kharedi Village, Shapur Block

Jagori Grameen organized a health camp for the women of Kharedi Village, Shahpur Block on Sunday, 16th August 2015. Local team members of Jagori – Maneesha and Urmila were instrumental in mobilizing the women in the village. The health camp witnessed a healthy turnout of over 70 – 80 women and children. In her address to the participants, Dr. Pritam steered away from the myopic focus on reproductive health to engage the women with a holistic understanding of good health and well-being. She emphasized the importance of emotional health and emotional self-expression. Interpersonal relationships, especially among women, are the perfect outlet for venting feelings, emotions and personal troubles. Unresolved issues may fester to negatively affect health. Dr. Pritam noted that emotional well-being is best cultivated through healthy interpersonal relationships. The health camp also emphasized the need for skills training and capacity building for women to better enable them to take charge of their health and lives.

The women were also given a brief description of the physical, hormonal and behavioural changes that accompany puberty, menopause and pre-menstrual syndrome. Age-related specific and pertinent information relating to bodily changes and functions was dispensed to the young and older women present. The awareness programme was followed not only by an examination of women, but also of children of all ages and older men. Complaints of a wide variety were looked into and medications were distributed according to prescription. Hemoglobin levels were checked for some women. The camp wrapped up by about 4:00 p.m. in the evening. Follow-ups were scheduled to ensure consistency to the programme.

AWAJJagori Team