Jagori Grameen conducted a three-day capacity building workshop

Freedom. Happiness. Fun. Courage. To be able to fly freely in the open sky. Trust. To be informed. To shine. To be unafraid. This is exactly what our young adolescent girls want to learn and understand. This is also exactly how they want to live their lives. To facilitate this, Jagori Grameen conducted a three-day capacity building workshop from 25th July 2015 to 27th July 2015 in which 57 adolescent girls from 13 Kishori Samoohs took part.

The workshop touched upon a wide range of topics and issues such as the SABLA Scheme, the meaning of SABLA, gender discrimination in the family and in society, patriarchy, violence against women, domestic violence, eve-teasing and harassment, sexual violence, dowry, caste and religion. An attempt was made to understand why is it that only women are oppressed under the caste system and religious institutions. The workshop was also interspersed with music, songs, fun and laughter. A trustworthy and safe environment was created in which the girls shared their joys and sorrows, their anger and their pain. Tears were shed – both by those who narrated their experiences as well as by those who listened to the stories shared by their friends. The workshop left the girls more determined to free themselves from all kinds of violence and oppression. It ended on an optimistic note where the girls took a firm vow to end gender violence and discrimination.

AGAJJagori Team