7 Days Youth Leadership Workshop on Gender, Democracy and Citizenship

29 youth members from 18 villages expressed their opinion about their mission and vision during the 7 day youth leadership workshop on Gender, Democracy and Citizenship. They exchanged their views about social gender construction and masculinity. They also tried to analyse the social factors that support patriarchy. Sexuality and Citizenship was also a very new topic for the majority of the participants. They described sexuality by expressing words related to the body, behaviour and expressions. The final session on citizenship changed their opinions of caste, class, religion and citizenship. Newly added session on cyber literacy was very interesting for many of the participants.

By the end of the session Youth demonstrated an improved understanding of gender, cyber literacy, sexuality and citizenship as distinct through various exercises and discussions.
» Balkar – "Whenever boys are told that they are "like a girl," they feel that their honour has been reduced and their masculinity compromised."
» Arpna: "I've learned a lot here that I didn't know before." » Suman: "I'm going to share this information with my friends from now on." » Balkar: "I've understood what "transgender" means because of this workshop.

SATHJagori Team