A Day of Organic Farming in Palampur

Organic farming is a way of farming which excludes the use of chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides etc. It is primarily based on the principles of use of natural organic inputs, organic farming helps in achieving sustainable development of natural resources.

It’s a beautiful day in Himachal where we (hari, lekha, koshish) with our mentor Miss.Manju went on a exposure visit with the farmers (28 female and 12male)to the agriculture university where farmers where engaged in a learning process conducted by Mr.Maneesh and Mr.Rakesh where they educated them about the use of various organic methods of farming like vermiwash, him compost, storage of dung and other waste and also how to prepare the own fertilizers at home. Farmers are the back bone of India, where we make our back strong by doing exercise jagori is doing the same way exercising the farmers by conducting a programs and others seminars which helps the farmers as well as the society in a sustainable way.

SAFALJagori Team