Reproductive Health and Sexuality Workshop Government Degree College, Nagrota Suriya

Nagrota Suriya: Jagori Grameen conducted a sensitization workshop on sexuality and reproductive health at the Government Degree College in Nagrota Suriya Block. The workshop addressed about 250 girls in the college currently pursuing their undergraduate degrees in Arts and Commerce. The workshop was spread over two days. As an introductory exercise, the team screened the UNICEF film 'ARMAAN' depicting the struggle of young adolescent girls coming to terms with puberty and restrictive social norms. This was followed by a discussion of the issues raised in the film. The girls were urged to reflect and think about their own personal experiences and whether they were able to identify with the characters in ARMAAN. Day one concluded with the song, 'Munh Si Ke Ab' led by Dr. Pritam and Asha.

Day two began with a celebratory introduction to the tune of 'Tu Zinda Hai'. Dr. Pritam took a session on female sexual and reproductive anatomy, health and menstruation. She addressed the doubts and queries pertaining to menstruation and sex raised by the girls. Two such sessions were held in two separate batches. Each session ended with a song, 'Munh Si Ke Ab'. Dr. Rashmi Ramaul, Principal of Nagrota Suriya Government Degree College was pleased to have the Jagori team undertake a sensitization workshop on reproductive health. She explains, "Many of these girls come from not only poor families, but they are also socially backward. They are born and raised here; they study in the same Government school and have no exposure to such sensitive issues. Such an informative programme will really benefit the girls who do not discuss such issues freely."

AWAJJagori Team