One Billion Rising 2015 is a call for REVOLUTION!

A Revolution for Love, Peace and Equality. All over India, more than 40 OBR events have already taken place with a LOT more to come!

14 FEB 2015, the grand culmination of this world-wide event is around the corner, and organizations, institutes and individuals across India are READY to show the world that we have had enough of violations, injustice and violence!


Jagori Rural, the National Secretariat for OBR in India, is on the RISE with 10 OBR candle light marches and a rally planned across 12 different locations in Himachal Pradesh from Jan 16 to Feb 7. Till now, the local villages, schools and colleges have seen eight candle light marches with the total participation of around 825 community members, villagers and students.

Around 4 film screenings have been organized on separate days for around 915 college students, panchayats members and taxi union representatives, with five more in the pipeline!

A powerful play against violence will be performed in two locations and a tribunal is being planned to hear out cases of violence victims and survivors.

Boys and men are engaged actively in this OBR to make gender equality and non-violence a reality in every sphere of life. Incidents of eve-teasing and violence, their impact on girls and women, as well as the troubles of stereotypical 'masculinity' that deprives boys and men of their humanity and sensitivity, were talked about openly with the participants.

The women felt EMPOWERED when they went out holding candles at night, without hiding in ghunghats, and reclaimed the time of the day which they are not allowed to experience without fear.

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