This Valentine’s Day, Jagori Rural redefined LOVE

This 14 Feb, the global culmination of One Billion Rising Revolution, more than 200 countries galvanized toward the cause of a non-violent world. Jagori Rural organized a stunning Rising. The public, cultural event saw a packed audience of around 2500 with youngsters, community members, villagers, organization representatives, and government officials like Chief Guest Brij Behari Lal Butail, Speaker of Himachal Pradesh Legislative Assembly.

Throughout the event, through the band Hi-Jackers, skillfully-performed plays, women empowerment songs, amazing dances and interactions, it was emphasized how violence begins at home and that’s where we must begin to make our promises of keeping our girls and women safe and letting their wings take flight. The two plays performed by Jagori Rural team and college girls based on real life experiences took the audience on an emotional ride and were a beautiful and powerful narrative on a girl’s journey, and the way society proves to be an obstacle at every step that girls overcome. Men and boys were compelled to join this fight for gender equality. The stage was set ablaze with the little balls of energy from Chakvan School. The dance of these young girls received a lot of ‘Once Mores’ and the most vivid attention of the audience as did the heartfelt interaction of the brave and inspiring IPS Officer Shalini Agnihotri, who spoke to the youngsters about what it means to be a real man, and how girls must SPEAK UP against injustice and violence. Jagori Rural Team amazed the audience with an empowering and elegant dance sequence on three songs.

With the audience on their feet yet again and dancing on Hi-Jackers songs, the Revolutionary Valentine’s Day had indeed turned into a day of TRUE Love.


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