Kishori Utsav


A very joyous 'Kishori utsav' took on 21 October, 2018 place in Shahpur. The event saw a gathering of approximately 500 adolescent girls, teachers and aanganwadi workers. The theme for this year was ' Gender, rights and citizenship', keeping in line with this year's OBR theme which is ' Uniting against the politics of hate and upholding constitutial values'. The event was a mix of cultural events, speeches and songs presented by the adolescents. A catchy 'jamakhda' presented by the girls was an interesting take on societal structures, sung in the local language along with an adolescent declaration. Some meaningful conversations opened up with the girls using stalls as a medium where girls were engaged in activities on the issues of gender stereotypes, privilege and opportunity. A spectrum of interesting responses were seen at a stall titled, " Agar Desh Mein Banatai?", where girls were asked to conceptualize their idea of a nation. Along with this, were some games such as relay race, two legged race etc where girls participated enthusiastically. The event saw the raising of many slogans as well which marked the enthusiasm of the young girls. 

AGAJJagori Team