Chamba Visit

On 1st, 2nd and 3rd February the Jagori Rural, Dharamshala team travelled to be with the Chamba team and took with them many creative and educative ideas including a play titled Aina Samaj Ka( Society's Mirror)

On the 1st of Feb., the team organised Kishori Utsav in Gehra school which began with games like khokho and kabaddi, stalls on menstruation and eco-pads, snakes and ladders, manualities and nutrition. This was followed by a play on the POCSO act by the Dharamshala team, and many plays on alcoholism, child marriage and against dowry by the Kishoris of Gehra. As the evening approached, the entire crowd enjoyed by dancing together.

On the 2nd of Feb., the team took the play to ITI and B.ed College in Saru. Over here the students and teachers interacted with the team members sharing their interest on NGOs and social work that is much needed and desired by people in Chamba district.

On the 3rd of Feb. was a Ma-Beti mela(Mother-Daughter Fair) organised in Chilli Tisaa. There was once again a performance of the play, that speaks out against gender inequality, many sharings by the young girls as well as the mothers and a performance of Chambiyali Nati dance by some girls.

Jagori Team