Mother-Daughter Fair (Maa-Beti Mela)


The bond between a mother and a daughter is one of the most special bonds in the world. It is a relationship that is based on love, care and a shared sense of womanhood. However, due to the lack of communication and mutual understanding, the relationship develops a gap that makes both sides think that their expectations from each other are not being fulfilled.

Since, solidarity is one of the most important aspects of women empowerment therefore, it becomes important for mothers and daughters to join hands and fight the exploitation, violence and similar issues that stop them from progressing. In order to facilitate a space of shared learning and fun, Jagori organised two ma beti mela in Shahpur and Matour on March 29-30 respectively. 


The event was aimed at strengthening intergenerational ties between mothers and daughters and celebrating it. It was attended by more than 1000 mother-daughter duos who not only enthusiastically participated in the stall activities on issues such as health,  nutrition, sexual health,  non violent communication etc, but also, fully involved themselves in the playground to play various sports together. There were special performances by mothers as well as the daughters for each other. The mela was also attended by the teachers and the students of Suryodaya charitable trust, an organisation working with differently abled  children in Kangra.

AGAJJagori Team