Our Philosophy on Volunteerism

Volunteering at Jagori Rural Charitable Trust opens a world of possibilities to grow and thrive as an activist, academic and global citizen. Our team works diligently to challenge volunteers to think beyond the realms of their perception. With this approach, our volunteers gain a deeper comprehension of the social issues present in rural communities of India.

Jagori also recognizes the fundamental importance of bridging the gap between academia and activism. Volunteers coming from academic institutions have the unique opportunity to participate in cross-cultural learning. Interaction between local and international volunteers facilitates a knowledge exchange, broadening one's academic understanding and cultural awareness. Jagori, along with each individual volunteer, gain new perspectives regarding the skills and resources required to meet the needs of the community. Each volunteer brings unique skills and expertise to complement Jagori’s hard-working staff and ongoing work.


Getting Involved

Jagori runs a diverse array of programs that focus on issues ranging from female and youth empowerment to organic farming practices. The organization’s programs reach people of all ages in 109 remote villages in the Kangra District. Jagori is committed to facilitating a comfortable and friendly learning environment for all interns and volunteers. We simply ask that you come with an open mind, an open heart and a willingness to challenge yourself and the Jagori staff.

Volunteers may be involved in a range of capacities in any of our four major programs:

  • SAFAL: Sustainable Agriculture, Forest and Land

  • SATH: Social Architects of Tomorrow in Himachal

  • AWAJ: Aware Women’s Action for Justice

  • AGAJ: Aware Girl's Action for Justice

Information on these programs is available in the programs section.


Although Jagori Rural Charitable Trust supports volunteers in locating accommodation and facilitates language acquisition, volunteers at the organization must assume all costs (very modest) associated with living in the region.


Academic Institutions

Over the years, Jagori has hosted international and local students from highly acclaimed institutions and fellowship programs such as:

  • American India Foundation: William J. Clinton Fellowship

  • Delhi University – Delhi, India

  • Jawaharlal Nehru University

  • McMaster University – Ontario, Canada

  • Nirmala Niketan College – Mumbai, India

  • Oberlin College: Shansi Fellowship

As a grassroots organization that works conscientiously to direct as much funding into programming as possible, Jagori Rural Charitable Trust requests that academic institutions cover the administrative costs associated with sending students to our campus.