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American INdia Foundation - April 4, 2018

"...Since 2003, the NGO has tackled social issues through a feminist lens. Their work is quietly radical: engaging with people of all backgrounds on multiple social levels, confronting gender issues through community outreach and education. Staff members work directly with underserved groups like rural, uneducated women and adolescents. Their reach spans genders, ages, religions, castes, sexual orientations, and educational levels. Their activism extends much deeper into the local community than expected. The organization fights for a “just and equal society for all” through feminist-informed community outreach, engaging everyone in the community (including men and boys) to develop solutions for systemic social problems while empowering women and girls..."


The land, sky and rising ‘star’ of ‘Jagori Grameen’

Living Feminisms

"...To hunt for new dimensions in life has been my mission. In the earlier phase, I could not figure where I wanted to head. Though I did recognise where all I did not want to go. The shaping of my feminist politics happened via the incisive experiences of my own life. Because the family can only teach us how to stitch the threads of patriarchy, it can only make us rote learn the lessons of womanhood. I would always think that if being the kind of woman who is acceptable to society and family is part of our natural character, then why all the repetition, why do we have to learn what the mind says? But I was telling you about the relationships I built, the garden of those relationships, its flowers whose fragrance I wanted each one of you to savour..."


Yorkshire Indian Society raises awareness of gender inequality

itv news - april 19, 2016

"...Jagori Grameen supports marginalised and underprivileged women in Himachal Pradesh. It aims to empower young people and women through education in agriculture, health and governance. The charity runs a scholarship support programme to promote education among girls in India. This helps them to become confident in fighting for their rights, and fighting for gender equality at home and in the workplace. They are made aware of the legal support available to them. It also allows them to find jobs and gain financial independence..."