Volunteers' Testimonial


Gaurav, McMaster University

“I have really enjoyed working for Jagori as an intern in monitoring and evaluation. The work environment is inclusive and fun, and the range of work that Jagori does is very ambitious and in my opinion, impactful. I learned a lot about feminism in India by working here. Overall, it is a great way to learn about a wide variety of career paths and connect with amazing people!”

Christian James, Oberlin Shansi University

“Volunteering with Jagori offers many paths towards an enriching work experience, which can benefit the organization's many functions. As a long-term volunteer, I have had the opportunity to add to Jagori's educational tools as well as implement my own programs for community outreach. Although I value these experiences, I have found that the most valuable work that anyone can do for Jagori concerns the processing of evaluations: with this kind of help, Jagori can always be improving their many wonderful programs.”

Kiran Puri, Oberlin Shansi University

"My experience at Jagori has been invaluable. I have not only learned so much about the different issues surrounding women's health in the area, but also the culture of my parents and in which I was raised. The lesson's I have learned at Jagori will remain with me in all my future endeavors"

Ryan Corrigan, American India Foundation

"As a volunteer at Jagori, I feel like I am part of the team. My input is often heard and acted upon in meetings, and I am put in a position to learn the macro and micro challenges of working in the development sector and to see both successful and unsuccessful responses to meet these challenges. Volunteers play an integral role in bringing information from outside sources to the team, allowing them to remain on the cutting edge."