Our Vision

A just and equal society.


Our mission is to create a just and equal society for all. In order to do this, we help address discrimination on gender, caste, religion, disability, and sexual identities. We want to strengthen the voices of women and girls and ensure people’s right to life and safety. Our engagement with the community addresses all forms of discrimination based on gender, class, caste, religion, disability and all other forms of social exclusion. We seek to protect the individual and collective dignity of those who are most marginalized. A society like this may be far away but with every campaign, every class and every meeting, we take one step closer to our goal. It will take decades to reach the society we wish to create, but we hope to push society there quicker.

Our program has been operating for 12 years and, since we've started, we've made progress. Still, the issue at hand has not been solved and we won't stop until women are completely equal to men. Everyone must have the opportunity to have their voice heard and have the ability to fulfill their goals.

We cannot change what has been done or how things are being run right now, but we can change how things will be done in the future. By educating people, they in turn will teach their children, their families what they have learned and society will be slowly pushed forward. Although change cannot happen in a day or even a year, standing and watching will not change anything.

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