Success Stories

We've been working for twelve years and every day, we try and make a difference. Here are a few of our success stories.


1. One Billion Rising


Through One Billion Rising, we showed India that our people were done with violence against women, injustices and violations. We arranged plays against violence, fought for tribal community rights, inter caste marriage, holistic health and inter faith love. We had more than 114 organizations in one year and talked about sexuality, masculinity, the LGBTQ+ movement and women's rights. Men also spoke up against violence and we went to smaller villages that had not yet been touched by Jagori and talked about sanitation, education and women's issues. Young girls and boys performed flash mobs and plays in order to move for peace and justice. Children demanded their right to live in peacful, loving families and non violent home.

The whole campaign, organized by Jagori, touched more than 205,684 people and will continue growing through the media, our organization and word of mouth. This is only one of the many campaigns we hold and the events we have held.  Each of these events together will create large change and you can view all of the past events by clicking below.

“This night is ours. So empowering to be out in the night, to be able to walk without fear, and breathe without looking behind my back every two seconds!”

- Participant in ‘Take Back the Night’, Delhi.


2. Individual Stories


Our mission is to educate and change people. To do this we set up campaigns and workshops in order to reinvent the way people think. The people below are just a tiny fraction of the thousands of people that are educated in our four different programs.

Roja a member of the Mahila Mandal has been working with the elected committee member for the past two year now. She is actively working towards empowering women of the community with the help of Jagori. Panchayat, a branch of the local government, for her is a system that is existing to serve the community and bring about a better living condition.  She has noticed that most of women are not let to come out of their houses or be part of the decision making but lowly she notices a change in the pattern as awareness has been given by NGO’s like Jagori. Since the time she has been connected to Jagori they see the NGO as agents providing knowledge about the condition of women in the Indian society, ways in which their dreams can be achieved etc

— Roji Devi, 28 years old (AWAJ)

Abhishek is currently pursuing his Bachelor from government college Dharamshala. He has been connected to Jagori for the past 6 years wherein he has learned about various things in his meetings like gender, mission, vision and goal or career counselling, masculinity, legal awareness etc. He's learned about gender stereotypes. He says he "want[s] to be an economics professor and a good human being when [he] grow up.”

— Abhishek, 19 years old (SATH)

Deepika has been associated with Jagori since the past 3 years. A keen learner and as a forthright human being. Deepika has always taken initiative to attend workshops hosted by Jagori, in some of the meetings they talked about mensuration, safety of woman and anemia, she recalled. She feels that her perception has been changed along with these the taboos created for her by her elders have now dissolved due to these workshops. She notices that most of the work at her place is carried out by her mother for example household chores, farming, cattle rearing etc. This is so because of the patriarchy that exists in the society, she said. Deepika claimed that many of her personal decisions are made by her mother and she is comfortable in those decisions made.

— Depika, 16 years old (AGAJ)