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The Problem

Even today, in Himachal Pradesh, huge amounts of problems are occurring affecting children, women and men. In order to fix these problems, we are using our programs to help educate and change what is currently happening. Currently, India is ranked 130/144 in the Gender Inequality Index and we hope to change this.


9.1% of Girls killed in Sex Selective Abortions*


In India, girls are seen as lesser people and having a female child is, many times, seen as another mouth to feed. In many cases they're seen as a burden to be raised and married off. In many poor households, the cost of this is too high. So, many households have an abortion if the child is a girl.

*This statistic is not counting abortions that are not sex selective


Gender Inequality


The gender gap in Himachal Pradesh is immense. Here, men and women are seen as different beings with different capabilities. Women are seen as less useful and are seen as a burden due the patriarchal nature of India. For families where money is a problem, they may only educate the male child because the male child leads the family and cares for the parents in old age. The girl child, on the contrary, is a burden. These stereotypes cause other problems such as the wage gap. In Himachal Pradesh, men with identical qualifications and jobs get paid more. This happens because people believe that women are less smart and will do less leading to a lesser wage.

This also is illustrated in high courts and in government workers in which women make up only eight percent of the judges and 21 percent of the workers. Another example of sexism is in the literary rate in Himachal Pradesh. Parents tend to educate the boy children more than female children because of sexism. The women in these societies are taught they are lesser, told not to go out, not to look at people in the eye and told to work at home and never dream due to generations of tradition. In order to ensure a girl gets married, she is taught to be quiet, passive and not to talk loudly. Education is necessary in order to switch these ways of thinking and these deep rooted ideologies. 



Gender pay gap difference in people with advanced degrees


men in the workforce



Women literate


Men literate



"[My parents] said things like girls can't play outside. They can't walk on the roads alone. In the beginning they even said I couldn't go to school alone and to take my little brother with me."

- mamta, a village girl


Lack of Health Education



Women unaware of reproductive tract infection


Women Unaware About HIV


Showed Signs of Reproductive Tract Infection


Children that have not RECEIVED full VACCINATION against diseases


The health structures of family, society and state have ignored women for a long time. Gender indoctrination discourages women from paying attention to health needs of their body and forces them to remain silent about many of their gynecological or sexuality related problems reinforcing culture of silence. The image of good women is one who is confined to four walls, quiet, submissive and sacrificing. Because of the social stigma around reproduction and STIs, many women aren't educated diseases that exist, problems that they cause and how to avoid them. Due to this, a high percentage of them show signs of diseases like reproductive tract infection or have't even got proper tests done for major diseases such as HIV.

The issue with having such little education about these issues is that women do not know how to avoid them, the risks involved with having these diseases, how to treat them and how to avoid passing it to a significant other or other loved ones. 

The cause of this lack of education is often stigma. Women’s health and sexuality is taboo. Another one major reason for lack of health education is lack of money. This problem causes many children to not be vaccinated against diseases.

This causes more problems like spread of diseases such as measles and other preventable, cured diseases.


Changing Climate


A changing climate is problematic for India, an agricultural society.  In recent years, farmers have begun reporting concerns over poor soil quality, changes in vegetables resistance to disease, and most recently, the lack of adaptability in the face of increasingly erratic weather patterns.


Abuse and Crimes Against Women


In Himachal Pradesh many crimes against women go unreported due to pressure from the family and the shame that comes from reporting sexual assault. If someone is sexually assaulted they may be seen as impure which causes them to hide the crime. People may also not believe them or assume it is their fault, which further pressures women to stay silent.

When we began our organization we thought there were no cases of domestic assault and other crimes. However, in the early years of our community mobilization work brought to the light cases of incest, child rape, harassment by brother in-laws and of course a lot of cases of men remarrying, throwing their wives out of the home, taking away male children from the custody of the mother etc.

Despite time passing, these crimes have not gotten better at all. Although education cannot stop the crimes from happening, it can educate people on how serious rape is and allow people to realize the impact of it and understand that it should not occur under the status quo. 



“I used to dream of being educated and standing on my own feet but since I couldn’t achieve it I wish that my children are able to achieve it”.

Sunita, 42 years old



How We Can Help

These problems are vast and deep but not unmanagable. To create lasting change, education is necessary. In order to do this, we have started four programs which all work together to change traditions in Himachal Pradesh. If you would like to help make a change or understand what we do, click the buttons below.