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NGO's Dialogue on Adolescent Girls Initiatives

Dialogue on Adolescent Girls Initiatives
16 to 18 September 2019

Venue: TARA, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh

Dear Friends and Partners,

Warm greetings from Jagori Grameen.

During the last decade, a large number of organizations have been working on the concerns of adolescent girls with a rights based approach - focusing on areas of gender equality and empowerment, breaking stereotypes, issues of sex and sexuality, menstrual and reproductive health, nutrition, safety against violence, self-assertion and decision making and above all, preparing them for leadership roles in the community as young citizens.

As we all know, gendered socialization of adolescent girls has denied them a voice for centuries, both within the home, in educational institutions, as well as the community. Addressing these and numerous related issues is an extremely challenging task which requires an in depth understanding, process oriented approach and innovative strategies.

In addition to working with adolescent girls, most of us have been interacting with their families, school teachers, peers (both boys and girls) as well as with the community at large. Each organization has made meaningful interventions, accumulated precious experience, has substantive accomplishments and success stories. There is a vast range of locally evolved relevant processes as well as inspiring multimedia material which has been compiled over a period of time. However, we have also addressed several challenges during this journey.

It is in this context that Jagori Grameen is proposing a three day dialouge with organizations for cross sharing, learning and building a constructive network. The objective is to create a platform for dialogue, to open up a space for deliberating on our achievements and challenges in a conducive environment.

As some of you know, Jagori Grameen (JG) is a feminist organization, working in 3 districts of Himachal Pradesh. Our major involvement is with communities that fall in the marginalized categories, with a special focus on women and adolescent girls. JG has been engaged with multiple constituency and themes. One of our major programmes, called AGAJ - (Aware Girls Action for Justice) is an engagement with adolescent girls’ collectives in about 100 villages across three districts of Himachal Pradesh. This programme focuses on the holistic growth of adolescent girls, especially concentrating on building their capacities to access their rights

The main objectives of the workshop are:

· Sharing experiences of working with adolescent girls Achievement and Challenges

· Sharing and exchanging best practices

· Indicators of empowerment

· Processes of Leadership Capacity Building of adolescent girls

· Sharing the content and design, processes of training, tools, written and multimedia material

· Future collaborations

We propose to organize a three day dialogue at TARA (Jagori Training and Research Academy), located in the beautiful Dhauladhar mountains at Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh from 16 to 18 September, 2019.

We look forward to a positive response from you. Please nominate two senior members from your organization to join us. Do send us their names by 30th June, 2019.

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Capacity Building Training Workshop for Community Women


Jagori Rural Charitable Trust organized a five-day Capacity building training workshop at Tara Campus, Rakkar, from 16th August - 20th August, wherein 20-25 women from various blocks of Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh, who have shown leadership quality and taken initiative to seek justice and entitlement and who needed further capacity building. The main objectives of this workshop was to orient community women as human rights defenders (sakhis) in order for them to work on community issues of justice, entitlement and freedom from violence and bodily violations within the framework of fundamental rights enshrined in the constitution. During the Workshop, the training facilitators delved into the nuances of Gender construction and patriarchy, violence against women, ensuring their safety and protection of their rights, Importance of entitlement – Right to Information Act, 2005, gender with respect to caste, class, minority identities and the Constitution. A poster exhibition on various themes related to gender, patriarchy, sexual violence, laws, rights, communal fascism was also organized alongside the workshop. The community women who participated in this training workshop resolved to work along the lines of the themes discussed in the workshop as proactive leaders for a substantial social change. 

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to Aug 1

Reviving Traditional Food Culture


A century of selective farming practices has led to a dangerous lack of biodiversity in our foods. Moreover, the traditional foods have gone obsolete over a period of time, with the intrusion and hegemony of fast foods in the market. In an attempt to revive the long-forgotten customary food habits, an Event titled ‘साझी खेती, साझा चूल्हा’ (collective farming and community kitchen), was organized at Neevia Hotel, Gaggal, Dharamshala on 18 August 2019, wherein 32 farmers, both women and men, to celebrate and showcase traditional cuisines of Himachal. Although, most women farmers woke up early at 3 am for the preparations onwards to the food festival, there was no sign of tiredness on their faces. Rather, quite evidently, the participants eagerly shared their respective home-cooked traditional foods. In so doing, their faces exhibited an amalgam of enthusiasm and happiness. Overall, this event enabled the participants to understand the significance of cultivating traditional crops and reviving and incorporating them as regular foods for a healthy life.

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to Jul 14

Girls Cricket Tournament

This cricket ground near Dharamshala is typically filled with boys playing cricket, while girls are generally excluded. This image is of a Jagori organised cricket match for girls, giving many of these young women their first opportunity at organised sport. Seizing this moment these girls are exposed to infinite life skills learnable through sport, previously denied to them.

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to Jul 8

Workshop with Aanganwari Workers


“I think I have started living my life after I attended the training”, said Alka, AWW filled with immense gratitude.
JRCT organized a three-day residential workshop with 40 AWW from across the Kangra district. The AWWs were from Rait, Nagrota Surian, Kangra and Dharamshala block. The three-day workshop included many meaningful dialogues around the work and life of AWWs. Day one was facilitated by Dr. Pritam who spoke about Aanganwadi, its role in the community, the role of AWW in the development of an infant and the centrality of AWWs role in the system as a frontline worker. The dialogue also revolved around the violence in everyday life of the workers and the need to ‘take care’ of one’s own self to be an efficient AWW. Day two was facilitated by Kamla Bhasin who built an understanding of gender in everyday life and the need for AWWs to actively work on the issues of gender. Day three say the sharing of personal experiences of violence, building perspective against victim blaming and practicing empathy.

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to Jul 8

Two week capacity building course


The two week capacity building course on Gender, Human Rights, Sustainable Development and Women’s Empowerment came to an end today. There were a myriad of emotional and critical reflections by the participants as well as Kamla Bhasin and Abha Bhaiya on the importance of building networks and solidarity in the feminist movement. In the end, the participants facilitated each other with certificates and flowers, and wished each other well for a beautiful new beginning.

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Girls Cricket Tournament

On the 12th of January 2019 the AGAJ Team (Aware Girls Action for Justice) organized a cricket tournament for over a hundred girls in Shahpur. The day was a huge success!

The aim was to open the space for girls to play sports in order to rise their self-confidence and show that girls, just as boys, can equally participate in cricket and other outdoor activities. The girls who attended the tournament were taught about gender-based discrimination and fundamental rights besides the gripping cricket matches. It was pointed out that there will be no real equality as long as boys are still the only one’s allowed to play cricket outside their houses and girls are often restricted of being outside. Often the only time girls are allowed to leave the house is for their way to and from school. The tournament taught the girls to play cricket but moreover also showed them that they have equal rights to the boys. The girls participated with great energy and commitment and had lots of fun. The first and second place walked home not only with bright smiles and tired legs but also with new cricket sets to keep playing cricket in their villages and encourage other girls to join the cricket ground.

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