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Girls Cricket Tournament

On the 12th of January 2019 the AGAJ Team (Aware Girls Action for Justice) organized a cricket tournament for over a hundred girls in Shahpur. The day was a huge success!

The aim was to open the space for girls to play sports in order to rise their self-confidence and show that girls, just as boys, can equally participate in cricket and other outdoor activities. The girls who attended the tournament were taught about gender-based discrimination and fundamental rights besides the gripping cricket matches. It was pointed out that there will be no real equality as long as boys are still the only one’s allowed to play cricket outside their houses and girls are often restricted of being outside. Often the only time girls are allowed to leave the house is for their way to and from school. The tournament taught the girls to play cricket but moreover also showed them that they have equal rights to the boys. The girls participated with great energy and commitment and had lots of fun. The first and second place walked home not only with bright smiles and tired legs but also with new cricket sets to keep playing cricket in their villages and encourage other girls to join the cricket ground.