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Reviving Traditional Food Culture


A century of selective farming practices has led to a dangerous lack of biodiversity in our foods. Moreover, the traditional foods have gone obsolete over a period of time, with the intrusion and hegemony of fast foods in the market. In an attempt to revive the long-forgotten customary food habits, an Event titled ‘साझी खेती, साझा चूल्हा’ (collective farming and community kitchen), was organized at Neevia Hotel, Gaggal, Dharamshala on 18 August 2019, wherein 32 farmers, both women and men, to celebrate and showcase traditional cuisines of Himachal. Although, most women farmers woke up early at 3 am for the preparations onwards to the food festival, there was no sign of tiredness on their faces. Rather, quite evidently, the participants eagerly shared their respective home-cooked traditional foods. In so doing, their faces exhibited an amalgam of enthusiasm and happiness. Overall, this event enabled the participants to understand the significance of cultivating traditional crops and reviving and incorporating them as regular foods for a healthy life.