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Traditional Food Festival

Since 2006, JRCT has been working with farmers in 75 villages of Kangra district. JRCT’S SAFAL (Sustainable agriculture, Forest and Land) Programme aims to revitalize a system of food production that ensures the land’s ecological health and the dignity of its farmers

Jagori Grameen has been working with farmers to spread awareness about organic farming practices, revive traditionally grown crops and food. We are organizing one day traditional food festival on 18 August 2019 and women farmers from 3 blocks will participate.

Main Objectives are:-

To educate people about the importance of local traditional crops, millets, food and encourage them to grow and have local grown food.

To provide an open platform to the farmers to share  recipes and nutritional values of traditional food from each other and encourage them to  promote  traditional recipes made from lesser known crop varieties.