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Leadership Training


With the objectives of bringing together community women from the four blocks of Kangra District, who have attended workshops at Jagori on various themes to their enhance leadership skills and to orient them as human rights’ defenders (sakhis) in order for them to work on community issues of justice and entitlements within the framework of fundamental rights enshrined in the Constitution of India, a follow-up workshop was organized by the Leadership team of Jagori at the Tara Campus, Rakkar from 28th-29th September 2019, with 30 community women.  The workshop began with an elucidation on the purpose of the same. Thereafter, the participants were asked to fill a questionnaire to get a sense of the extent to which they have internalized and implemented the learnings from previous trainings. In this regard, a discussion on the need-based advocacy ensued, involving group activities and interactive sessions. In the evening ‘Article-15’ Movie, evincing the plight of women from marginalized sections and their fight for equality was screened. The next day, a detailed discussion on the importance of Constitutional rights and its implications on our society. Subsequently, block-level issues/problems were discussed at length.  Subsequently, block-level issues/problems were discussed at length, along with a brainstorming session on the same. The workshop concluded with chalking out a road-map for the upcoming Pension Parishad. Furthermore, participants resolved to work in an organized manner for their rights and entitlements.