Aware Woman's Action for Justice


Our last program, AWAJ, works through the formation of women’s collectives on a range of issues such as stopping violence against women, addressing issues of sex selective abortion and neglect of girl children. We help women understand their right to bodily safety and sexuality and promote their participation in governance. The three different sections of AWAJ are violence, health, leadership.


  • To provide women a safe space to be able to share the experiences of violation and violence

  • Make the issue of violence against women visible to the public

  • Make the judiciary including lawyers, judges and the police and all other actors aware, sensitive and responsible for women’s safety and justice

  • Make women active agents of human rights protectors

  • Help women to break their silence around the issue of violence they face

  • Help women in eradicating violence from their lives, especially from their homes


  • Constant counseling and monitoring sessions of the victims and perpetrators

  • Helping women and men to have a free and fair dialogue with each other as well as with their respective family members

  • Extending emotional support to women who are going through emotional stress and trauma

  • Helping victims rebuild their identity and restore their pride and dignity through encouragement and support

  • Financial aid to victims

  • Resolving cases while keeping women’s welfare and perspective in mind

  • Helping women become self sufficient and find employment

  • Helping women file cases, seek fair lawyers, seek fair compensation and aid with living arrangements